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  • We are bulding a new house, at what stage should we contact you?"
    Now! Its great to get us involved as early as possible. We do not operate a 'on the clock' billling system and are happy to give you free professional advice. Do not leave cabling choices to any contractor that does nto specilaise in cabling. This is a common mistake in Ireland. Having us invilved answers many unknows and allows the interior design of the property to proceed as normal. We even provide a no obligation cabling diagram to outline how your smart should be wired.
  • Can I come for a demonstration?
    Yes please contact us on 01 442 7300 and we can arrange a demonstraiton at your convenience.
  • What are the approximate wiring Costs?
    For most new builds and renovations we deal with (from 3,000 sq to 5,000 ft.) the cost is typically ~ €6,000 for a full infrastructure which includes: Plans and designs All AV low voltage (i.e. coax, cat 6,7 and speaker) cabling supplied to the electrician for the electrician to install. Cable testing An open frame rack with all accessories (pdus, fan, castors etc). Basic AV distribution Management and installation coast for all the above
  • How do I control the TV with the Harmony Remote?
    See our Video here
  • How do I use Sonos App
    See the video here
  • How do I use the Rako app (for controlling Lights and Curtains)
  • Can I come in for an Audio demonstration?
    Yes! Please contact us on 01 442 7300 for an appointment.


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