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Rako Installer in Dublin: Do You Need One? 

Would you like to utilise the services of a team which has over fifteen years expertise in designing of AV and lighting solutions? Do you desire to do business with a Rako installer in Dublin? Here at SBITAV, we would love to help you realise your dreams - why not get in touch and start your journey now?

For anyone that is looking for a way in which to create a particular atmosphere in their home, in a manner which oozes ease, you will be hard pressed to surpass the technology produced by Rako. Here at Steven Brennan, we are proud to provide our clients with services relating to being Rako installers in Dublin. WIth a vast number of products in their repertoire, such as lamps and permanent fittings, each capable of utilising state-of-the-art technology in the art of dimming, you will be able to be creative in lighting your home. They are also the providers of smart solutions regarding the controlling of blinds and curtains. If you would like to read further details concerning our Rako-related projects and services, you can do so on our website.


Why Us For Rako Installation in Dublin?

Although we take great pride in our ability to act as Rako installers in Dublin, in order to remain as a successful company in the technology industry in the modern era, we here at SBITAVhave diversified our range of services. For those that wish to upgrade their homes sound system, we are capable of providing our consumers with a high-end, reliable multi-room Sonos set-up. We also are capable, with  a team of specialists, to install a technologically sound home cinema and theatre room. For anyone that is looking to take advantage of advances in the digital era, we are the company for you - if you are unsure in which direction you would like your project to go in, we advise that you peruse through our extensive portfolio, equipped with an insightful gallery.

For a company to truly thrive in the modern era, it is not simply enough to excel in the provision of their product or service, such as being a Rako installer in Dublin. When you come to Steven Brennan, you will also have the opportunity to access an exceptional customer support system - we want you to be able to come to us with any query, and receive an informative and timely response. There are three primary ways for you to liaise with us: to speak over the phone, call us on 353 1 442 7300; to send potential project specifications, complete and submit the form located on our contact page; or to send a fleshed-out message, our e-mail is

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